Is cardboard packaging best for securing products?

Business of any size demands excellent packaging. The best possible way to protect the goods is through cardboard packaging. However, the packaging is needed to protect the interests from wear and tear. Further, the prevention of damages is essential for goods such sa delicate items. Therefore, fragile items can secure by good packaging only. The other positive aspects of packaging, such as cardboard, are environmental friendliness, aesthetic qualities, and ease of transportation.

As we all know, cardboard material never remains at the top of the list of best packaging. The material is more vulnerable to water and humidity than any other material. Whereas, we can say that it is far better than other inferior materials used to pack goods. The goods which have less weight can easily transport from one place to another. In product packaging, cardboard is the topmost material used to secure the interests of goods. In addition, the packaging gives an attractive look to the products. The customers also admire the brands which use superior packaging in the product packaging.

Now you might be thinking of the significance of the cardboard box. Cardboard is a natural material made from the pulp of trees. That is the reason they are inexpensive and ideal for branding.

Reduce the cost of transportation


Furthermore, the cardboard packaging is lightweight, making it comfortable for sending goods. Also, this factor reduces the cost of transportation. The goods can ship at a low cost just by redesigning packaging, choosing suitable materials, and minimizing the sizes of the boxes. Companies that trade goods constantly reduce their packaging and shipping costs by adopting this technique. Further, the brands never compromise on their interests. They always select suitable packaging which efficiently secures the goods. For instance, Ikea, a multinational, saves on average dollar 1.4 million annually just by redesigning the packaging for a single sofa.

It is the wish of every brand to reduce the packaging and overall production costs. However, that does not mean they have to shift their goods to inferior quality. On the contrary, they can maintain their standard even after providing good quality to their customers. Further, packaging is a powerful tool throughout the supply chain. Especially in online sales, the packaging is more than the goods themselves. When e-commerce deal with volumes of product, they encounter difficulties. They minimize packaging costs and other costs by using custom cardboard boxes, which they can customize according to the need of their goods. They do not have to pay standard prices for ready-made packages.

Packaging are priced at the following factors

The choice of materials solely depends on the sellers. They can choose the packaging style, designs, colors, and fabric according to their company’s budget. However, the price of cardboard packaging depends on the following factors. We will discuss each facto in detail. So you can cut down extra costs incurring to your packaging process.

1.    Distance

Distance should be known before delivering and packing the goods. It is essential to understand where the company is sourcing the packaging? If the business is directly sending goods to the packaging agency, it is a good point. Otherwise, if the business pays the cost of loading and unloading boxes, they pack the goods in them. This additional cost will disturb the company’s overall budget. The brands should hire a packaging agency and hand over goods to them. The packaging agency will directly deliver packed goods in retail stores.

2.    Handling

The price of packaging increases with delicacy and heaviness of goods. If the goods are delicate, they may need padding in packaging, which costs more to the sender. Also, the sender needs strong packaging to support the products. At the same time, you can not stack up the boxes, which also increases transportation costs. Therefore, those items which need unique and sturdy packaging to secure the delicacy are more expensive.

3.    Size and weight

The size and weight are other factors in increasing the price of packaging. If the item is heavy and oversized, then the packaging must be sturdy and protected. In this case, you will need good quality packaging, which will cost more. In contrast, if the item is less heavy and small. It would help if you had cardboard boxes. It is because they are inexpensive. Also, they are designed for small and less-weight items. Hence, the size and weight directly impact the pricing of the packaging.

4.    Shape and urgency

Suppose the shipment is carried out on an urgent basis. Then the sender has to bear additional costs. Also, some items occupy more space. So it would help if you had extra boxes to pack the goods individually, which increases the packaging cost. However, in both situations, the sender has to bear the additional cost of packaging. Thus, the shape of items may require different materials for packing. Which also increases the cost to ship the differently shaped items.

Further, some items do not let other boxes to stack on them. It might destroy the originality of the goods. So, such goods ship separately. These factors can increase or decrease the cost of packaging. On the other hand, the packaging is integral to the product’s appearance and sales. The design and packaging material also increases the packaging cost.


Cardboard packaging is best to use for making the presentation of products attractive. In addition, it reduces the shipping cost and benefits the sender to supply small items easily. However, distance, handling, shape, size, weight, and urgency of packaging directly impact the cost of packaging. Therefore, the companies are always looking to reduce their overall packaging cost. Further, the packaging is the responsibility of the sender. Cardboard material is a durable and reliable material for packing goods. But, it is not feasible to ship goods. It is because it is less resistant than other materials. Although, cardboard withstands long transportation times. Thus, the sender tries to facilitate the customers by shipping goods in secured packaging. Also, delicate and heavy items need individual packaging, decently delivered to the customers.



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