Here is the most fun way for people to earn money and also gain experience. Play fantasy cricket on your smartphones after you download fantasy cricket app. It is a hub for all the cricket fans and players to make their teams of real-life players and also score points on the basis of players’ performance. It is a bit different from the traditional cricket concept because, in fantasy cricket, the players need a more statistical approach. 

Fantasy cricket is a new game that most the people play. The players who are new to this concept can play on any new fantasy app so that they face less competition and more money in the leagues and matches. 

Fantasy cricket is now declared the “game of skill” by the Supreme Court and is made legal in the country. The game is safe, secure, and legal to be played by any one of us. The players have to pick up their team according to their convenience and see which could be the best for them. Those players have to score down the points for you, according to the scores, you would be able to win money in the matches. 

Now, the market of fantasy cricket has touched down over 10+ million users, which is huge for the players.  Have a look at the list of best fantasy cricket apps and make your team. 


Come and play on one best fantasy cricket app. It is really simple and accessible for the players. The Fantasy Dangal app gives you several chances to play matches and leagues, which offers great rewards and money prizes. Make your team on the app and have the new experience of playing on fantasy cricket app. You have to download fantasy cricket app for a much more convenient and fun experience. 

Enter the contests and leagues to win some great rewards every day. You will be given a summary of how to play on the Fantasy Dangal app. Here are some of the features that can help you switch on the Fantasy Dangal app.

It is a perfect way of showcasing your cricket talent and coming out with a lot of money. 

You can get all the live updates for the matches, commentary, and player’s news. 

Make your own dream team and also give a tough competition to the live players.

Seek help from 24*7 customer support. 


Paytm First games are one most famous and best fantasy cricket app. We all know the PAYTM app by now, and it has launched a new vertical of Paytm First games where we can play real money games. The app also has a dashboard with all the stats of your favorite players as well as other players. 

You can download fantasy cricket app on your smartphone and start playing to earn some great amounts. You can download this app on both Android and Ios phones. Start playing cricket matches and leagues on the app and join in prize pools or any other contests. 


Here are some of the features of the app that you can see. 

Here are a variety of games available for the user, where the player can participate in cricket, football, tennis, rummy, and other casual games as well. 

You can also earn with the help of the Paytm referral system. Just refer to your friends and family and have a good time earning the bonus points. 


Here is another new fantasy app that has gained a lot of active users by now. You have this opportunity to make your own cricket team and experience it in a whole different way. You can download fantasy cricket app and sign-up to get started with your favorite fantasy sports. 

You can participate in the cash leagues, and practice matches, and buy the tickets for prize pools. 

The app consists of some amazing features that you should know and avail of. 

Sign-up and earn a good referral bonus. 

Enjoy good cash deposit schemes.

Make your own team and win big. 

Have good customer support with the app. 

Have all the live updates for the matches. 


It is a new fantasy app that you can download and play upon. This app is made both for our cricket enthusiasts and the novice people out there. Play any cash league or any practice match. 

You can have all the real-time cricket match highlights, commentary, and player performance analysis. You can also stay on the top of the cricket games that you follow. Participate in the latest matches on the fantasy cricket app and also watch the latest trends come to you for earning money. 

The app helps you to win real cash prizes. You just have to make your team and start earning by playing the game. 

The app also gives you in-app messaging as well as chat that can make it possible for you to communicate with the other players to make your strategies. 


It is a new fantasy app launched in August 2020 and has attracted so many users till now. Use the bonus cash to join the paid leagues and enjoy some of the biggest cash leagues. Play big and win big with the fantasy cricket app. 


  • Earn the referral bonus of rupees 100 with the app. 
  • You have the fast customer support service
  • Best user-interface for the app
  • Minimum withdrawal is rupees 50 only
  • Have the offers with cash deposit schemes as well. 

Download the app now for some amazing playing experience. 


This is one of the best fantasy cricket apps you would encounter in your gaming time. This fantasy cricket app has some of the best features that a user finds in any type of new fantasy app. 

Make sure you are a pro with the game to don’t lose money in these games. You must know how to make your team in the fantasy cricket app and join the leagues involving cash. 

Download the app now and enjoy some of the best bonus deals, cash deposits and big offers daily.


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