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Repair garage door opener: What you can do as a layman

If the garage door suddenly gets stuck and can no longer be unlocked or closed properly, this is of course extremely annoying. On the other hand, garage door repair sometimes takes a lot of time and is also quite expensive if damaged door drives have to be repaired by a specialist. The problem is often directly linked to the drive that is responsible for lowering and raising the door. On the other hand, if sufficient attention is paid to maintenance and safety right from the start, this not only saves repair costs but also nerves and time. An independent repair, however, should only be carried out if certain expertise about these systems is available.
In this article, you will find out how you, even as a layman, can recognize defective garage door drives and what maintenance measures you can take.
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How do I recognize a broken garage door?

There are signs that even a non-professional can clearly identify a defect in the garage door. First of all, however, it should be checked whether it is a mechanical or electrical fault. If all moving components can be ruled out as the cause of the damage, the most likely cause is an electronic component. Typical features that speak for a broken gate are:
  1. Heavy rust on the springs and/or the suspensions
  2. Cracks or tears on the mechanical garage parts
  3. Clearly audible running noises such as loud creaking or cracking
  4. Clumsy opening and/or closing of the gate
The trigger is not always in the electronics, so it is advisable to take a close look at the entire system. Accordingly, it is not uncommon for cheap and easier-to-resolve causes to be considered. Broken springs, a hanging roll mechanism, or rusted attachment points can also be the cause of all evil.

Types of garage doors and their pros and cons

In addition to the different opening options, such as swinging open, rolling up, or folding up, garage doors also differ in their shape, color, and material. We would now like to share with you which variants there are in general and what the respective advantages and disadvantages of the individual systems look like.

Folding up – up and over doors

This tried and tested system, which was also the most popular for years, is characterized by the fact that the doors are single-leaf and can be folded up and inwards with the help of torsion springs and disappear into the ceiling.


  1. Less expensive than most other systems
  2. Cheaper spare parts and accessories


  1. Vehicles cannot be parked in front of the gate as it requires clearance to open
  2. The opening mechanism of older manually operated garage doors is often warped

Roll up – sectional doors

The sectional door is the most popular form when it comes to garage doors these days. Characteristic are the three to eight sections, which move upwards along a vertical rail until they disappear again around the curve on the ceiling.


  1. The garage entrance retains its maximum usable area due to the vertical narrow rails
  2. Unlike the up-and-over door, there is little risk of the door accidentally falling down itself


  1. Usually high installation and maintenance costs, since many moving parts are installed. The rails must be cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals

Pivoting doors

In terms of appearance, these gates are certainly an asset to your home. Due to the fact that manual operation is required, this type is not very popular. The conversion to electronic operation is also very expensive.


  1. Extremely robust technology, since only lateral hinges and bolts have to be attached during installation


  1. Fully manually operated gate
  2. The door needs some space and so there should be no obstacles such as snow or the like in the driveway


An industrial door or hall door is primarily used in storage, industrial or production halls. They are therefore particularly suitable for securely closing large building openings. Above all, hall doors should have certain longevity, as they are often linked to complex production and logistics processes. If there is a fault, an interruption could result in significant costs.

Defective hand transmitter

If it is an electric gate operator that is triggered via a transmitter, it is possible that this will prevent opening and closing. First of all, you should check whether the battery is empty. If this is not the case, an interruption in the power supply to the electric drive may restore contact between the controller and the drive. According to most operating instructions, this is also possible by resetting the drives.

Garage door maintenance and security

If attention is paid to regular maintenance, which is extremely important and necessary, early signs of wear and tear can be prevented. The issue of security, which should not go unmentioned at this point, should also not be underestimated.

Pay attention to safety

Even if garages seem harmless and many people think that maintenance or repairs are safe, many accidents happen here. Therefore, extreme caution is required during maintenance:
  1. Disable door opener motor: If the garage is powered by a motor, it could turn on accidentally. To rule this out, it is advisable to first unplug the plug on the ceiling
  2. Clamps for Protection: Screw protection clamps prevent the door from slamming shut unexpectedly. It is attached to the runways
  3. Beware of spring-loaded swing-up gates: Due to the high tension of the springs, this type of gate should be serviced by a professional

remove dirt

  1. Remove dust and dirt from the sensor: The sensor is used to stop the door movement if people or objects are in the way. In order for this to work properly, the sensor should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth
  2. Maintaining the chain and drive screws: The chain is used to start the motor that moves the gates up and down. Lithium spray grease helps the chain and motor run together well
  3. Clean the rubber seal: This can be found on the underside of the garage door and prevents too much impact. Treating the seal with spray silicone is advisable


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