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Swimming: What are its health benefits?

As summer progresses and the temperature “hits” red, so unfortunately for most the mood for exercise, even during the cool hours, decreases with lifeguard training near me.
However, the idea of ​​a swim in the sea or in a pool seems more tempting.
Admittedly, even from the lips of experts, swimming is an ideal aerobic exercise , either for “ordinary mortals” who do not exercise intensively or for the advanced.
The biggest advantage is that swimming has the lowest rate of injuries compared to other sports, while, in addition to the coolness it “gives”, it enhances physical and mental health.

Health benefits

Swimming enhances good heart function. Research shows that swimmers are much less likely to develop heart disease.

Muscle strengthening

Water, as it is twelve times denser than air, creates more resistance and so the muscles become stronger.

Weight loss

It is estimated that 260 calories are “burned” with 30 minutes of swimming.
At the same time, low water Bedava Bonus temperatures activate the metabolism and fat reserves are reduced faster.

Fights asthma

Swimming, like other aerobic exercises, strengthens the lungs, according to research from McMaster University. According to another study published in the journal Respir ology, when a group of children with asthma completed a six-week swimming training program, their breathing improved nişantaşı escort significantly.

Ideal for patients with diabetes

Swimming is a form of aerobic exercise, ideal for patients with type 2 diabetes, as it does not strain the joints. Regular exercise lowers blood glucose levels, and in addition, swimming helps treat obesity, which is usually a concomitant condition of diabetes. It is recommended up to 3 times a week, lasting at least 30 minutes each time.

Body… rubber!

Water is one of the best ways to increase flexibility, as it allows the joints to remain relaxed and elastic.
Especially for those who exercise with weights, swimming is considered necessary, as this relaxes their joints and the body becomes more elastic.

Lifts the mood

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exercise in the water lifts the mood, during which endorphins or the hormones of happiness are released.
At the same time, the relaxation that water offers to the muscles, offers the body results similar to those of yoga.

More years of life
There is ample evidence that swimming helps to prolong life. Researchers from the University of South Carolina concluded that those who swam had a longer lifespan, on average, than runners, walkers and men who did not exercise at all.

Swimming improves the condition of the respiratory and circulatory system as well as muscle endurance. In addition, water has a relaxing, meditative effect.

You can learn even as an adult

Swimming is a technique that requires motivation, enthusiasm, confidence and time spent in the water. The swimmer must have you with the water. Excitement and fear usually take away relaxation and make learning difficult.

You can also learn to swim as an adult, although it is more challenging than as a child. When you get over mental barriers, you start to make progress.

Swimming improves fitness

However, just floating or a short dip will not improve your condition, although being in the water will refresh and relax. The condition improves if you enjoy the water for at least 20-30 minutes at a time, your heart rate rises and you breathe, which means that swimming feels a little strenuous.

Muscles strengthen

Swimming trains muscles in many ways. The muscles of the body, arms and legs are strengthened, especially if you are able to vary different swimming styles.

Additional power is provided by aids. Your feet will have to work more efficiently when using a swimming board. For extra strength training, you can get extra power from “laptops”, hand-held plates.

Calories are burning

The more muscle groups and larger muscles work at the same time, the more energy is consumed. Water also uses energy to heat the body.

A 75-pound woman consumes about 250 kilocalories in a half-hour freestyle. Brisk walking consumes about 180 kilocalories and cycling 200-300 kilocalories at the same time. Skiing and running are slightly more efficient than swimming: they consume 300 kilocalories in half an hour.

Unpolished technology, bigger consumption

The energy consumption caused by exercise also depends on the efficiency of the exercise, the weight of the exerciser and the economy of the performance. Swimming consumes more calories the worse the technology. A clumsy swimmer uses his muscles uneconomically, which increases energy consumption and heart rate more easily than with a good swimmer.

6. Suitable for the overweight and arthritic
Being overweight usually finds swimming pleasant, because swimming does not have to support the weight of the body and muscle strain does not occur in the same way as when walking, for example. For those suffering from joint problems, swimming does good, as water exercise improves joint mobility but does not strain the joints.

You don’t have to be a super swimmer

Being in the water can be enjoyed even if you are not a strange swimmer. Everyone swims in their own style, and a cottage breast is enough for many.

However, the neck can strain if you swim your head up for long periods of time. The position is the same as if you were walking towards the sky. If you do not want to put your face in the water or do not know how to breathe, it is better to swim at least occasionally on your back.

The experts are exercise planner Sebastian Dangberg , swimming pool teacher, Urheiluhallit Oy, and chairman Jukka Maja , Association of Swimming Pool and Spa Technology.

Work out for the whole body

Water exercise is good for the circulatory system but at the same time it is a versatile and firming exercise for the body: bathing is good exercise for the whole body up to the arms and back. Water resistance also makes the species effective in developing muscle condition, as moving in the water increases muscle mass and thus tightens the body. Instead of having to worry about straining individual muscles, bathing takes care of your entire body. Water pressure and buoyancy make the trajectories even more efficient in every direction.

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