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I recently have an experience of sitting with a teenager. Don’t know about you, but this one was fed up with his parents. His parents do not understand him, don’t give him much space, freedom of choice, and more importantly, treat him like a kid. Well Duh, you are just a 14-year-old boy who knows nothing about the good or bad, how dare they treat you like a child right?. I hope no 14 years old is reading this but if you are, news break you guys are still minor and need parental supervision and guideline in every aspect of life.

In case you are a parent and take this kind of behavior as personal, please don’t. It is not about you, but them. Teenagers are growing up with modern tools, technology, the internet, and social media. They have more exposure to the outside world than any other generation had. Thus changed behavior and more attitude problem is obvious in this generation. No need to worry at all. Well, entertain them with the same technology tell them who is the boss. All you need to do is select an efficient parental control app and most of your worries will be gone.

The OgyMogy spy app is one solution to so many problems faced but today’s parents. The app offers different features that can help the parents to keep up with the offline and online life activities of the kids.  Here are some of the exclusive features that can help the parents deal with the teenager’s tantrums in the most sophisticated way possible.

Internet Monitoring :

Internet monitoring is a necessary precautionary measure every parent needs in this era. OgyMogy parental control app allows the user to monitor every web activity and search box item history of the kid. You can know if your kid is watching porn or visiting suicidal content.  You can even check the bookmarks folder of the kid as well.

Web Filtering :

Web filtering makes it easy for parents to block useless content from the kid’s gadget. You can block original stuff, porn, nudes, or any other sexual or adult content from your teen’s device.

Instagram Spy App:

The Instagram spy app is an app that makes monitoring of Instagram easy for parents. You can check if your kids are obsessing over online platforms or sharing too much personal information with strangers. Keep a check on the stories and private chatbox as well.

Snapchat Spy app:

No need to worry about vanished data as the Snapchat spy app offered by the parental control app the OgyMogy keep a record of the data on the web portal. You can know if your kid is sending or receiving sensitive content or if anyone is threatening or bullying them on the online platform.

WhatsApp Spy app:

Monitor the media shard through Whatsapp and keep an eye on the group chat conversation as well. Whatsapp makes it super easy for parents to monitor the kid’s incoming and outgoing audio and video call record and know about the voice message details.

Tinder Spy App:

Anxious that your daughter might choose a working partner for dating or worried that your boy may be in a bad company well no need to anymore. With the tinder spy app, you can check your kid’s taste and even track the potential partner of your teenager as well. Parental control apps make it simple for parents to make sure they are in good company.

YouTube Screen Monitoring

With the internet and smart gadgets, comes easy access to YouTube and other online video hubs. It is one of the biggest platforms that has information about all content in video form. As a parent, it is important to know what kind of video your kids are streaming or searching for on YouTube.On the other hand, if they have a personal channel then what kind of media content do they upload and exactly what kind of niche they work on. With parental control apps, parents can keep a strict check on the youtube activities of teenagers.

There is no shame in accepting the fact that you need a control app like the OgyMogy for your kid. Get help from a modern tool and make your parenting life a little less anxious.


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