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The Right Mounted LED Ceiling Light for Your Space

LED ceiling lights

Whether you are choosing LED office ceiling lights or any other light fixture, you cannot afford to make a lousy choice. It is because the selection will be affecting the work productivity and emotions of residents for a long time.

In all honesty, while the perfect light can illuminate your day for a long time, even a slight inconvenience in illumination can disrupt your day-to-day functioning. And choosing from a wide variety  of product range without any prior knowledge can be daunting for anyone.

Here is a little guide to assist you in selecting the perfect LED office ceiling lights based on your needs.

Mounted ceiling lights


Mounted ceiling lights are placed on the ceiling using fixed fixtures. Ideal for rooms that do not have a high ceiling, they add a natural and astute aura to the room. Since they are directly attached to the top, they utilize less space and can be manipulated to give a diffused light. These lights are generally categorized into categories such as:-

  1. Flush Mounted Ceiling lights:

This lighting uses a fixture that leaves no gap between the roof and the light, allowing minimal space utilization. They are typically installed in rooms that are short in height, like a washroom or a bathroom, to give a minimalistic functional effect. They can come in a fully closed encasing depending on the demand. However, these fixtures can be restrictive for LED ceiling lights, i.e., not let them shine as much as they potentially can. However, you can install them in the children’s room for more safety or use them in your in-built closet, where you need minimal light. 

  1. Semi-Flush Mounted ceiling lights:

They are called semi-flush because the fixture has a small rod that puts distance between the source of light and the ceiling. These are great for decoration and add an elegant and sophisticated look to the room. They can add warmth to a dining table or become functional in kitchens. Since they are not placed directly in contact with the roof, replacing them is more convenient and can be done without the help of an electrician. Moreover, in contrast to mounted lights, they can add space to the room or make it appear larger.

Recessed ceiling lights

Another type of mounted ceiling light, Recessed ceiling lights are placed in a canister directly attached to the roof. Because of this structure, they are alternatively called Can Lights or even pot lights. The canister makes them focus light in a downward direction, which is diffused via a panel made of glass. The fixture is usually decorative and installed in rooms with a height shorter than 8 feet. Recessed lights cannot be used to light up the whole room but have other utilities:-

  • Draw attention to a piece of art: Be it a wall hanging, painting, showpiece, or any other craftwork installed in the room, you can use the light to draw attention to it.
  • Use for work desk: Since the light is not diffused but focused, it helps you concentrate while reading or working. So, feel free to add the lighting fixture directly above your work desk.
  • Add dimension: The recessed light can add a character and whole new dimension to the room by lighting up one plain wall. The room can appear to seem warmer and spacious at the same time.

    LED indirect lighting

This is not a type of LED fixture but a way of installing LED lights on the ceiling. While a lighting fixture is used to serve as a base for installing the light conventionally, for indirect lighting techniques, strips of LED lights are installed directly on the roof. They accentuate a room’s space by reflecting light via the ceiling and adding a luxurious look to the room. These strips can come in colour-changing variations too, and they commonly serve as decorative lights. The strips are often hidden from perception through crown moulding.

These fixtures come in a wide variety of encasings, which vary in shape, colour, size, design and manufacturing material. Each manufacturer offers a different quality and price. Hence, you will have to search the offline and online markets to find the most satisfactory design at the best price and quality.


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