Bahamas Transportation Guide – Everything You Need to Know

.There are different types of transportation available in the country of Bahamas. It takes only 45 minutes to 1 hour travelling time from Miami to Nassau via plane. The majority of cabs use meters but always check first before entering. The best way to travel in the Bahamas is by Plane, Boat, or Rental Cars. You can hire after doing research about cars that are safe and dependable for tourists. Those tourists, who love to explore their country. Especially during summer months when kids go out as well as students in their vacation time. Tour companies offer sightseeing tours around Nassau which are very convenient for tourists. Tourists who want to experience Bahamanian culture like exploring resorts. These resorts include Atlantis Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Exuma Cays Islands, Harbor Island. Long Island, NFW Islands, Nassau Downtown District, Paradise Island, Rose Island, etc.

Airport Transportation in the Bahamas

There are different airports located in the Bahamas which is very accessible to any tourist who wants to visit the country of the Bahamas. The major airport is situated at Nassau Metropolitan Area. It has a single runway for taking off and landing. This airport has numerous amenities including currency exchange services, ATMs, duty-free shops, restaurants, a business center with internet access, cafes/coffee bars, and wireless internet access. There are taxi services available inside the airport as well as their airport transportation services in Nassau at the ground transportation area.

Always ask first before entering or exiting taxis if they have meters installed or not because some of them are not using it due to scams that occur frequently according to Bahaman Ian Officials. The majority of cabs use meters but always check first before entering.

Things to Take Care Of When Traveling Bahamas

There are things to take care of when travelling the Bahamas which include baggage fees depending on the flight, flight cancellation and delays, hotel bookings, health insurance policy before flying or entering the Bahamas from any part of the world.

Amount Of Money To Bring When Traveling In Bahamas

The majority of hotels have rooms with air-conditioning as well as ceiling fans so you can turn off your air conditioner if it gets too cold even during summertime although some people prefer to open their windows for fresh air especially at night. Cable TV is available in most hotels where tourists stay for more than 7 days but major networks like CNN, ESPN, Fox News Channel & MSNBC are blocked since they consider blocking them very important due to their violent scenes which disturbs tourists from getting good night sleep.

Museums in New Providence Island are closed every Monday of the week. While some are closed by 2 pm on other days. It is very important for tourists to know prior to visiting places like Atlantis Paradise Island. Majority of hotels and restaurants accept U.S dollars and Euros as well as all credit cards with an additional fee of 5% charged plus $1 per ATM transaction which you can avoid this charge if you visit an ATM inside a bank near your hotel or any major stores around the country especially when withdrawing $100 Bahamian Dollars ($100BD) each time even if it’s just $20BD for drinks at bars, lunch at local cafes, etc.

Unique Things to Do In Bahamas during Vacation

There are unique things to do during vacation like visiting the capital Nassau which is a very hot destination. Especially during the summer months. Although the temperature ranges from the low 70’s to the high 80’s between May and August each year. The majority of people love watching sunsets which you can visit Cable Beach or Fort Montgomery for the best sunset view. Since they’re both located on the west end of New Providence Island where you will need a roundtrip taxi fare of $20BD each way. Plus a tip if cab driver helps with luggage etc. If you want to know local prices before renting a car. Then ask your hotel receptionist first before doing any deals with cabs drivers around them. They usually overcharge tourists by telling them they need a ride from hotels to Atlantis Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Nassau Downtown District, etc.

Ferry trips from Fort Montgomery to Blue Lagoon on iguana island are worth it. Since, this beautiful island has water activities which include snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, fishing, etc. There are other private islands you can visit like Rose Island where kids love to play on the beach. Also, Cable Beach from the west end where public buses are available too. Although renting a car will be more convenient especially during summertime when schools and colleges are closed. Plus Bahamian dollar is only $4BD for whole day use.

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