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Restore Your Smile and Confidence with Dental Implants

Suffering with a missing or loose tooth can be embarrassing and problematic. You will not feel good and smile when there is a gap in between the teeth. This may be the reason why you cannot eat certain foods, your speech gets affected and confidence level drops down. These are some possible reasons why patients look for a permanent solution. Dental implants are a popular option for the replacement of missing or lost teeth. They are a great solution for improving your overall quality of life.

What actually are dental implants?

Dental implants are a natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth. After performing the treatment, you can restore your attractive smile and no one will know that you have suffered from the problem of tooth loss.

Dental implants have been designed to mimic your natural teeth. The implant acts in the form of replacement tooth root and sits beneath your gum line though the crown is visible part and acts like new tooth.

The implants are titanium screws or posts embedded into the jawbone and integrate with natural bone. They are made of strong materials which can withstand the force of biting and chewing. This forms strong and secure foundation for new crown to fit properly.

The new crown will be functional and work exactly in the same way like natural tooth for your smile. The dentist crafts final crown to ensure they match perfectly with your smile.

What are different implant solutions available?

Tooth implants provide patients with an extensive range of solutions to fulfil their requirements. Whether you need to undergo one tooth replacement or complete mouth restoration, the dentist will be creating the perfect treatment plan for your need.

Single dental implants are a good solution for one missing tooth. In these cases, the dentist places an implant where there is gap and a single crown completes your smile.

If you are having several missing teeth, then there are more options available. An implant-retained bridge is a suitable choice when you have missing teeth in one area. This is where the dentist places a ‘bridge’ of crowns on either one or two implants. There is also complete arch implant where the restorations can be fitted onto four implants. This is a great option for the ones who wear dentures or experience several teeth extractions.

Besides, the dentist uses teeth implants for securing dentures. There are cases when teeth implants will be placed and the new dentures are fitted securely onto them. The denture will be removable for cleaning purpose though it offers a stable and an affordable option in comparison to traditional dentures.

The dentist will be using as few implants as possible for the treatment. This ensures correct recovery time, lessen overall cost and final restorations are functioning completely.

How will dental implant method work?

Before starting with the treatment, the dentist examines the condition of your mouth to detect any signs of gum disease or decay. These should be addressed before placing the implants. The bone structure will be evaluated to ensure it is sufficient for supporting the implant.

After an initial consultation with the dentist, the implant procedure will be divided into three appointments. The first step is when he takes 3D scans to plan for your treatment carefully. There are handheld scanners at the dental practice so that there is no need to use traditional impressions.

Patients prefer this upgradation to the treatment procedure as it is more comfortable and sustainable than dental putty. With the help of digital scanning, the dentists can plan for placing of dental implants and the shade as well as shape of denture or crown using advanced digital software. This is an excellent tool for creating beautiful and precise dental work.

The second appointment is for placing dental implant. The dentist uses latest technology to carry out all kinds of dental works with great precision. This enables the implant to be placed in the most accurate way for minimal disturbance and quick recovery time. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and ensures you remain comfortable and pain-free. There is also the possibility of getting full sedation, when required.

During the implant recovery, you may notice some kind of tenderness and swelling for a few days after the procedure. You may take over-the-counter painkillers, as suggested by the dentist and soft food diet till everything settles down.

After placing the implants, the dentist gives a certain period of to heal completely. The new implant will merge together into the jawbone for a secure foundation of the tooth though it requires 12 weeks. There are some cases when the dentist places a temporary or permanent crown though he gives advice whether or not this is the right option for you.

When 12 weeks are over, you may visit the dental practice so that the dentist checks for implant site and ensure everything has been treated properly. Finally, you are ready for the new crown. The new teeth will be placed so that you can enjoy your smile again.

Aftercare for dental implants

Dental implants are a great investment to improve your oral health and confident smile. They require proper maintenance like natural teeth so that they can last for a lifetime.

Unlike aftercare for dental implant, the dentist suggests going for routine checkups and fixing appointments with the hygienist. This ensures teeth implants will be healthy, fully functioning and stable for longer term. They provide personalised advice for home care and help to maintain your overall dental health.

By choosing proper dental care and treatment, the implants are meant to last for a lifetime. This ensures improved quality of life and complete peace of mind. You may visit Smile Makeover Clinic in Turkey when performing dental implants for your missing teeth. The dentist will improve your appearance, smile and confidence level. This permanent solution will give you the confidence to bite, chew, and smile. If you want to get back your dazzling smile, then get in touch with your dentist for the most effective results.


Emma is a renowned dentist in Turkey. For more than a decade, she has been helping people to regain their confidence with the most beautiful and sparkling smile. Besides her professional life, she also writes articles regularly on different topics related to dental health. She has told his readers whether dental implant is suitable for everyone or not through this post.

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