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Some useful information regarding circumference and area of a sector

Of all geometrical figures, the circle has always been the main figure. A circle is such a spherical form with no corners or edges. It can be defined as a closed two-dimensional curved object in geometry. Also, circle is associated with a number of formulas and concepts. Probably the most useful is the circumference and sector of a circle. 

In this article, we’ll share some useful information regarding the circumference formula calculator and the area of sector calculator.

What is a Sector

When we begin with a circle and draw a radius line around it, the area marked off resembles a wedge of pie or a slice of pizza; this is referred to as a “sector” of the circle. In other words, a sector is defined as a portion of a circle made up of the circle’s arc and two radii. 

Thus a sector is a section of the circle made up of a part of the circumference (arc) and the circle’s radii at both ends. As before, the slice of pizza or a pie can be likened to the form of a circle’s sector. 

Thus the sector is essentially a segment of a circle that can be described using the three points mentioned below:

  • The portion of a disc surrounded by two radii and an arc is known as a circular sector.
  • A sector splits the circle into two parts: Major and Minor Sector.
  • The Minor Sector refers to the smaller area, while the Major Sector refers to the larger area.

Area of a Sector

The region contained by the two radii of a circle and the arc is known as the area of a sector. In simple terms, a sector‘s area is a portion of the circle’s size. If you know the radius and the central angle or arc length, you can calculate the area of a sector.

As we already knew, a circle’s entire area is equal to πr2. Since the area of the sector is directly proportional to its angle, and 2π is the angle for the whole circle, in radians, the area of the sector is calculated by multiplying the circle’s area by the ratio of the angle provided in radians and 2π.

Therefore, the following two parameters must be known in order to compute the area of a sector:


The perimeter of a rectangle or square, as you may recall, is the distance around it. The circumference, on the other hand, is the distance around a circle (c). Thus the circumference of a circle is its perimeter or the length of its full arc. It is the whole length of the circle’s border. 

The circumference of a circle is the product of the constant “π” and the circle’s diameter. For instance, this measure of the diameter of a circle is required by a person strolling through a circular path or for a circular body that requires fencing. The circumference is a linear value with the same units as the length units.

Finding the Circumference of a Circle

Depending on the parameters provided, two formulae are employed to calculate the circumference C of a circle. The irrational number Pi, which is represented by the Greek letter, is used in both circumference formulas. 

Pi is a mathematical constant as well as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. If you know the diameter or radius of a circle, you can always find its circumference. Below are given both the formulae for finding the circumference of a circle:

  • If you know the diameter of the circle, d, utilize this formula to find the circumference of a circle:

              C = πd

  • The circumference C the length around the outside of the same circle when the radius is provided is calculated as follows:


Also, besides of using these formulas we may try circumference calculator with steps to find the circumference of circle, either diameter of a circle is known or not.

I hope you get to know about the useful information regarding circumference and area of a sector. Do send us your feedback whether it helps you or not or you want to highlight some other information that may be useful in this regard. Cheers!

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