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Viparita Karani asana removes back, stomach and waist problems, learn how to do and precautions

To prevent diseases and to keep the body fit, people are once again returning to yoga. For a healthy body, yoga is included in the routine. In today’s article, we will talk about the opposite posture. As the name suggests, Viparita means ‘upside down’ and Karni means ‘to do’. To do the opposite is a Sanskrit word. This asana is also known as Legs Up the Wall Pose in English. Doing Viparita Karani asana gives many benefits to the body. The signs of aging can be prevented by doing this asana. Sometimes it also happens that if one hand or foot of a person starts growing, then it also prevents such problems.  Also, what precautions should be taken while doing it. So let us know about this asana in detail.

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Benefits of Viparita Karani Asana:-

Remove pain in feet:

This asana removes pain and tiredness in the legs. When we do this asana, when we lift our waist and legs with the help of hands and elbows, then our feet relax and tiredness goes away.

Back Pain Relief:

By doing this asana, our back pain helps. When our waste goes upwards, then the muscles of the waist relax. Due to which back pain is removed and stomach problems are also removed. Digestive problems are also removed.

Headache relief:

This asana also relieves headaches. By doing this asana, our blood circulation is fine, which cures headache. By doing this asana, the mind becomes calm, due to which the headache also goes away.

Get rid of stomach cramps:

If women have abdominal cramps during periods, then this asana also cures them. When our hips are kept upwards in 45 degrees, it relaxes the abdominal muscles, which cures this spasm. Doing this asana with the help of a wall gives relief in periods.

Relieve Insomnia:

Nowadays the problem of insomnia is increasing a lot. By doing this asana, the problem of insomnia can be cured to some extent. When we do this asana, then we hold it in it, then our whole mind becomes calm. Negative thoughts flow less. Overthinking is less, due to which sleep comes well. By doing it daily, the problem of back pain, back pain and insomnia can be overcome.

How to do Viparita Karani Asana:

  • Lie on the ground on your back.
  • Keep both the hands glued to the body.
  • Relax the whole body.
  • Slowly raise both the legs.
  • Raise the legs until a 45 degree angle is reached.
  • Support the waist with the hands, raise the hips.
  • Slowly raise the legs. Until the feet come in a straight line. While doing this process, keep in mind that the elbows will remain on the ground.
  • The back should be raised about 45 degrees off the ground.
  • This posture has to do the opposite.
  • Keep this posture.
  • Breathe in for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Now slowly, supporting the waist with the hands, bring the legs down and keep the hips on the ground. and rest.


  • Those who have the problem of high or low blood pressure, they should not do this asana.
  • Those who have any problem related to neck or back, then they should not do this asana or do this asana only with the help of an experienced teacher.
  • Do not do this asana even if there are problems related to eyes like cataract.
  • Do this asana only on an empty stomach.
  • Do not do this asana during the menstrual cycle. Because the flow of blood starts to reverse.
  • Viparita Karani asana is very beneficial for your stomach, waist and back. By doing this asana one also gets mental peace.

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