What are Lip Gloss Boxes?

Lip Gloss Boxes are products of sophisticated production technology. They ensure product safety and outstanding appearance without deformation, leakage or spoilage. TheCustomPackagingHub manufacture the high-quality standard designing Lip Gloss Packaging. We can provide you with any volumes and the number of compartments. We offer a wide range of printing technologies – from standard lithography to high-quality varnishing and foil stamping. Our talented professionals will help you create the best Custom Lip Gloss Boxes at cheap prices.

What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a type of make-up for the lips. It is applied on top of lipstick to add both color and shimmer, as well as giving the lips a fuller look.

Lip gloss creates lustrous shine that makes your lips attractive. There are lip glosses with SPF too.

The difference between lip gloss and lip balm is that lip gloss contains wax, which stays on the lips longer. While lip balm is not like that, it provides moisture for a short period of time and soothes chapped lips.

Get your best Gloss Boxes for cosmetic products!

What are the uses of Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes?

You can put your lip gloss boxes in a set and distribute them as giveaways, gifts or rewards. Additionally, you can use them to store other product samples such as lipstick, concealer and eyebrow pencils. Their uses are unlimited!

Our Gloss Boxes Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

Why should we use Customized Lip Gloss Boxes?

The CustomPackagingHub offers you the possibility to order Lip Gloss Boxes Wholesale according to your own ideas and preferences. You can get a unique product with an unusual design that will cause positive emotions in potential customers. Moreover, our lip gloss boxes are made of reliable materials which guarantee their long life span.

What makes these Lip Gloss Display Boxes so special is the possibility to customize them. You can add a picture, a logo, a design or just your text! Nobody will have the same product as you. It is especially important when selling cosmetics products because it creates brand awareness and makes people choose your business over the competitors’.

What printing techniques do we use?

TheCustomPackagingHub has a lot of printing techniques, so you can choose the one that will look most natural and exquisite on your Eco Friendly Lip Gloss Boxes. What is more, we use high-quality materials for printing which guarantee a bright appearance of the final product.

You can choose between:

  • Standard lithography;
  • Digital photo printing;
  • Silk screen printing;
  • Foil stamping.

What shape is the lip gloss box?

A lip gloss box can be of any shape, size and color. You choose everything according to your preferences! Our designers will prepare a few drafts for you with various possibilities or you can send us your detailed requirements through e-mail. Then, our experts will choose the most suitable layout for your product.

What are our best lip gloss boxes?

1. Standard Glossy Boxes – they are made of high-quality cardboard with a UV varnish on the surface which protects the box from damage and allows it to save its form over time. You can put there any product you want. It has a modern look, so it will most certainly increase your sales.

2. Standard white glossy boxes – they are made of corrugated board and have a smooth surface. The product inside is visible through the window which enhances its appeal to customers’ eyes. There is also an option to customize these lip gloss boxes with vinyl printing or/and foil stamping.

3. Standard matte lip gloss boxes – they are very popular among cosmetic producers because they create a more luxurious image of the product inside. Moreover, you can use them for storing different types of products. These glossy boxes have a matte surface with an elegant design which makes them look refined and attractive to customers’. This kind of lip gloss box is perfect for businesses and individuals who want to create a luxurious image of their products.

4. Metallic lip gloss boxes – this type of glossy boxes is perfect for cosmetic products with decorations such as rhinestones or studs that make them look metallic. You can choose between bronze, silver or gold lip gloss box color which will emphasize the premium look of your product. Moreover, these glossy boxes can be printed with foil stamping and metallic ink.

5. Luxury lip gloss boxes – this kind of glossy boxes is made of sturdy board which makes them very durable and ensures that the design printed on them stays visible for a long time. This type of lip gloss box is perfect for gift shops because they have a luxurious look. Like all glossy boxes, this kind is available in standard shape with various sizes and shapes of windows for products.

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