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What Should You Know About Car Transportation Charges in India?

When you book car transportation services in India, you pay a certain amount to the car carrier company. But, many people want to know about car transport charges in India before even hiring the service. You can know the approximate car shipping rates using a moving cost calculator tool. However, telling the exact price of car transportation in India is quite tough.

To help you hire a budget-friendly car transport company near you in Delhi, Mumbai, or any city, I would suggest using the packers and movers charges calculator. This will help you to know approximate car transportation rates. Then you can book reliable car transporter that comes within that price range. And if not, you can at least know how much you should spend on car transportation services in Delhi or anywhere in India.

However, a car transportation cost calculator tool will not let you know how an auto transport company estimates the price. And, you must know how car transportation charges are determined. Because this will help you know where you overcharging by the movers. This blog will let you know all the important things that are related to car transportation charges in India.


What are the Car Transportation Charges in India?

If you are also thinking about car transportation charges in India then this blog is for you. Car transportation charges in India vary according to numerous reasons. Yes, every auto transport company in India will estimate the price considering a few factors that influence the cost of car shipping from one state to another. Let’s see how a transport company estimates its prices.

Car shipping charges are based on the following factors: –

Open and enclosed transport

Open transport is the cheapest. However, the enclosed transport is the safest. But, because a majority of people opt for the open truck for transporting their four-wheelers this is the fastest way to transport cars. Open trailers are designed in a such way that protects your vehicle.

So, you need not worry about the safety of your vehicle. Enclosed trucks are considered safe for car transportation because this way your vehicle will not be exposed to the elements of dust and grim. And this is the reason why it’s more expensive than open transport.


It’s a clear concept, the more the distance is, the higher will be the car transport cost. For ex- if the cost of car transportation from Delhi to Ahmedabad is Rs. 15,000 then the car transportation charges from Delhi to Hyderabad will be approx. Rs. 22,000. This is because of the distance to be covered by movers to deliver your four-wheeler.

Size and weight of the vehicle

According to the size and weight of your vehicle, movers determine the charges. They will load the car onto the car carrier and, it may cover more space if it’s big. Hence, the heavier and bigger the vehicle is, the higher the shipping rates will be.

Time and season

Car relocation during the monsoon season can be very expensive for you because the responsibilities of movers get doubled in the season. They will have to provide full protection to your four-wheeler so that the bad weather condition will not affect the vehicle in any way.

Also, the peak and off-peak seasons influence car transportation charges in India. So, book the service considering the favorable time and season.

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If your movers are doing insurance for the car against any damages during transportation then you will have to pay extra charges to your movers for insurance. Yes, insurance may cost you 3% of the value of your vehicle. And this fee will be included in the final bill. But, with the help of this, you can easily recover the damaged cost through insurance coverage.

Regional factors

If your car is being transported from a rural area to another rural area then the charges of packers and movers will be higher. Transporting a vehicle to a remote area will be challenging even for professionals. Also, this may take a longer time for the movers to deliver the car, which results in extra costs. how a car transport company estimates its prices.

So, these are the common factors that influence packers and movers charges for car transportation services in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

Approx. Car Transportation Charges Based on Distance

Car Transportation Distance Car Transportation Charges
Up to 400 Km Rs 3,000 – 5,000
400 – 800 Km Rs 4,000 – 7,000
800 – 1300 Km Rs 5,000 – 9,000
1300 – 1900 Km Rs 6,000 – 10,000

One more thing that can affect the cost of car transportation services is the other goods that you have to move along with your car. Yes, some people want to transport their four-wheelers along with their household goods. So, if you want complete home shifting services with transportation services then the charges will be increased.

In that case, packers and movers charges will range approx. Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 42,000. This is because the quantity of the goods will be increased hence, the burden will be increased.

If I talk about the approximate home shifting charges with car transportation services in India, then it depends again on the distance. But, now the size of your home along with the size of your vehicle will be considered. And these two will major impact the moving cost.

Whether you want car transport service from Delhi to Bangalore or Pune to Delhi, contact a reliable auto transport company in Delhi or where you live. Professionals movers will provide their quotes to you. The quotation will let you know the exact cost of transportation from Delhi to Pune or anywhere in India.

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In conclusion

Do not fall for the cheap rates trap. Many fraudsters may offer you low-rate moving estimates to seek your attention and later they will ask you to pay extra in a distrustful manner. If you will already know when and what you will be charged for car transportation ser then you will never be cheated by any fraudsters in India.

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